Flying mail resembling our email marketing system.Flying mail resembling our email marketing system.

Maximum Revenue. Minimal Churn.

We scale Apps & SaaS brands with email, SMS & push notifications using our tested Monetize Mail modular system in 90 days, or you don't pay.
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Revenue Generated


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Email Marketing Partner. Email Marketing Partner. Email Marketing Partner. Email Marketing Partner. Email Marketing Partner. Email Marketing Partner. Email Marketing Partner.

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‘I didn’t expect such changes in our growth…we saw instant changes…We saw a revenue increase of 40% in our first 2 months!”
"We were struggling with churn...we gave them a shot and really, they delivered...our email list came to life."
"We had low engagement and high churn... they implemented & we saw results straightaway...we're so glad we found them."
Case Studies

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32% MRR Increase.
3X Churn Decrease.

Dukaan had utilised email marketing before, but it wasn't optimized. They had a vision to increase retention and build a predicatable MRR. That's where we stepped in.

We revamped their email strategy and built out tailored customer lifecycle flows. We implemented educational campaigns on the platform, usage and best practices to increase engagement.

90 days later we were able to increase their MRR by 32% and decrease their churn by 3X!

Safe to say it worked.

Mobile App

38% Sub Increase.
5X Churn Decrease.

Music Zen were having problems with low engagement, churn and a drop in upsells to premium subscriptions after trying email marketing in-house. So we added a little magic.

We utilised our modular system to optimize email flows for conversions to premium subscriptions, segmented their list and split tested with A/B campaigns.

We optimized according to user behaviour and within 2 months we dropped their churn by 5X and saw a 32% increase in premium subscriptions.

We made it look easy.

Why Us?

Enhance Your Customer Lifecycle.

Most SaaS/Apps have ineffective customer lifecycles which are cost heavy. We revamp customer lifecycles utilising effective email strategies.

We make customer onboarding, engagement and retention simple and easy.

Our eagle eye team identify and implement cross-selling and upselling opportunities into email flows, always prioritising your revenue.

We Kill Churn.

With targeted personalization on lost and active users, we highlight the best bits of your brand showing the user the true value of your SaaS or App.

Our direct response copy allures users into becoming lifelong customers. Matched with email segmentation we target users on behaviours and preferences allowing you to send relevant content, driving engagement.

We get to work straight away to implement all angles to minimize churn.

It's Cost-Effective.

Paid Advertising and Social Media Management burns
your marketing budget.

Email marketing is relatively inexpensive, making it an invaluable component to your growth strategy for the ROI you get.

Reaching thousands with just one click, it's the most efficient way to promote your brand and maximize your marketing budget.

Our Process
Plan & Strategize
Develop Roadmap
Revamp Customer Lifecycle
Design User Flow
Write Direct-Response Copy
Implement & A/B Test
Analyze Data
Optimize Campaign

We Handle It All.

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Our FAQs

Which software do you use?

We are official agency partners of Klaviyo and, depending on the nature of your business we will most likely advise you to use one of these platforms for your email marketing.

Is there a minimum term that we need to work with you?

We ask most of our clients to commit to a 90 day sprint, in order for us to properly scale your revenue and decrease your churn. However, there are certain instances where we can curate a bespoke package as we know every company has unique needs.

How long does the basic set-up take?

The basic set up will take between 14 to 18 days. This depends on exactly how many flows need to be built out.

How long does it take to see results?

Most of our clients start seeing their revenue increase and their churn decrease within just 25-45 days!

Do you have a guarantee?

Sure! If we do not increase your MRR and decrease your churn after 90 days of working with us, we will work for free until we do. Yes, we're that confident.